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There will be 2 kidneys in a normal human body, one on is side of the spine, on the back below the rib cage. It is of approximately the size of a fist and is in bean shape. Each Kidney drains urine into a small tube called urator which inturn drains it into the urinary bladder which is the reservior of urine.



Nephrology deals with hypertension, diseases involoving the kidney per se, kidney failure, dialysis, Transpalntation and systemic disease involving the kidney(eg: diabetes).

Nephrology Vs Urology

Nephrpology is a branch of medicine which deals with the diseases of the kidney(s). Where as : Urology is surgical branch that deals with kidney and genito urinary tract.



This simple, asymptomatic disease if untreated contributes to 50 percent of the deaths on the earth.It primarily targets the kidneys, heart and brain. invarribly it originates from kidney an hits it back when uncontrolled.





Chronic Kidney Disease

Fact Sheet about CKD














Kidney TRansplantation
















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